About Connect

Connect technology focuses on the management of business processes. The process is modelled in a Publish environment and deployed as a Connect Service to our customers. This is a departure from the traditional approach of configuring applications within a predefined set of criteria to an approach that evolves with your requirements.

Connect helps you achieve early, cost-effective results in the implementation or execution of your projects. Compare the two approaches:

12 Month Project - CompletionsConnect Approach

  • Rapid Connect data transformation;
  • Rapid and repeated publish of Connect structure;
  • Quick alignment gained by adapting to your project;
  • Switch-on/switch-off subscription fee.

12 Month Project - Traditional CMS Approach

  • Unsophisticated data transformation;
  • 'Get it right the first time' configuration;
  • Alignment often hard to achieve through rigid structures;
  • Large, up-front licence fee.